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All-Bright Real Estate is now hiring real estate agents! Our main goal is to provide exceptional customer service for all of our clients while also helping facilitate rapid career growth for our staff at every capacity possible. We are a multifaceted brokerage that specializes in rentals, sales, and property management in the Allston, Brighton, Brookline and Cambridge markets.

We pride ourselves in taking a smaller team approach as opposed to saturating our office with dozens of agents with no direction. We will provide you with both hands on training and all of the essential resources you will need in order to grow your network and become successful in an incredibly competitive industry that is rapidly changing.

Exclusivity is everything in this business and to this effect, our inventory and database truly speaks for itself. We have over 230 exclusive listings split between a small group of agents which means you will have the opportunity to earn a substantially larger piece of the commission pie than your average office. We have over 25,000 listings in our database which continues to grow as we celebrate 40 years of business in the 2016.

We are not looking to hire just anybody, we are looking to hire the right person. If you have an ambitious drive and desire to be successful in our industry then look no further. We will commit to you if you commit to us. We have jump started the careers of dozens of brokers, investors and developers in the area over the past 40 years and are completely wired into the Allston, Brighton, and Brookline markets.
- Over 230 exclusive listings split between a small amount of agents in house! Less competition equals more money for you.
- Full reimbursement for your real estate course and exam after renting your first 5 apartments! Not licensed yet? We can help you navigate through this strenuous process and help you get set up immediately.
- Hands on training by experienced brokers who will assist you with every nuance of this multifaceted business.
- Lucrative opportunities in both rentals and SALES! Maximize your value and learn every facet of this industry.
- Opportunities and consulting with property management investing.
- One of the largest rental databases in Allston, Brighton, Brookline and Cambridge!